Glas vacuümzuiger 600 kg

Compatibel op rupskraan, minihijskraan op rupsen, verreiker …

The Uplifter UPG600 is both compact and versatile. In its most compact form, the UPG 600 has a small size in order to grasp small glass panels. The standard accessories will also allow you to transport large volumes of glass up to 600 kg. These accessories can be mounted separately to reach an optimal result in grasping glass. They can also easily be installed without tools.

The glass can be turned manually by 360° and pivoted forward. The rotating and pivoting arm can be disassembled or pivoted backwards, allowing you more flexibility in tight situations by attaching a short sling to the hoist rings.

The double vacuum system with double vacuum gauges and sound signal allows for very safe operation. The battery capacity allows for eight hours of sustained operation without external power. By charging it a few hours, you can easily work all day and recharge the battery at night.

The silicone-free suction cups will leave no trace on the glass. To put it simply, the UPG600 is a universally usable suction cup for glass.

Offerte aanvragen

Extra informatie

Max. hijscapaciteit

600 kg


70 kg

Transport Hoogte

0,90 m

Transport breedte

0,20 m

Transport lengte

1,11 m